News > Didn't Make it to the Start? Revel Rockies Runners Offered Discounted Backroads Entry

Another Half Marathon/Marathon left runners stranded this weekend. It was a race director's nightmare when busses didn't show up to transport over 1500 runners to the race start line. According to news stories only 25 of the 52 busses contracted showed up to transport runners to the start of the Revel Rockies Marathon and Half Marathon in Evergreen on Sunday. People waited for hours for busses that never arrived and organizers cancelled the half marathon. For more info, you can see the 9News story, but in the meantime, we are offering an opportunity for runners who prepared and did not get to race yesterday. Please e-mail for $25 off your entry to the 2015 Boulder Backroads Marathon or Half Marathon. The race will be held on September 19th starting and finishing at Boulder Reservoir.

Athletes train for months for a half marathon or marathon and plan their training so that they can peak on race day. When a race like this doesn't go, it is difficult to stay motivated to kick back up one's mileage and the intensity of training required to race well weeks later. Depending on the athlete's state of mind and fitness level, it helps to pick another race quickly while you're feeling excited about racing. Then get back into workouts and long runs (depending on when the next race is) in order to keep sharp.  For those runners who plan to make the Boulder Backroads Half their next race, it's ok to take a down week this week in order to regain mental focus. With the Backroads race 9 weeks away, there is plenty of time to rest a little and then build up mileage again in time to taper and race well in September!